Al-Salem Group is a trust worthy name...

Al-Salem group is the finest travel station in Saudi Arabia and in the Gulf states. It has regular daily trips to the Gulf States, Jordan, Syria, and vice versa...

About Al-Salem Group for Transportation and Tourism

Al-Salem Group started its activities in 1991, We are still working on delivering high quality services to our customers, the followings are some of the foundations and objectives of the group.


Basis of Al-Salem Group for Transportation and Tourism

Al-Salem Group was established based on foundations, mechanisms and specific goals that we are work through to increase and upgrading the rate of prosperity and growing the mechanism of providing the service and quality, especially after the huge boom that the World has witnessed during the recent period in many areas including the field of transportation. So, we had as a group working in the field of transportation to work smartly to keep up with this progress and great development, and strive for excellence, developing and innovation through a working policies, plans and programs that are suitable for both current and futures times.

Al-Salem Group Goals

The group puts several public and private goals and by all means seek to achieve and they are as follows:

- The Group aims to participate in the economic growth of Saudi Arabia.

- Al-Salem Group is working to recruit and train youth Saudis to elevate their skills in the labor market in the field of transportation.

- the Group also aims to create new job opportunities that requires specific individual skills.

- The group operates the service to be provided to the customers at the highest level of sophistication, comfort and protection.

- The group works to have the most reliable protection system would preserve the integrity of the passengers and the bus, which gives the impression of securing and reassuring of passengers.

- The group keeps abreast of global developments in the transportation and tourism fields.

- Al-Salem group works to maintain what we have reached of high administrative and operational metrics.

Al-Salem Group Activities

Al-Salem Group has periodic trips and travels to transfer to and from many Arab countries through conducting flights on regular basis to each of (Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and United Arab of Emirates), where the group works utmost effort to provide the finest and best services to its customers and to meet the wishes of passengers. also implementing the required protection systems to ensure their safety and well-being to encourage tourism in Arab countries.

Al-Salem Group Activities inside Saudi Arabia

Due to the quality of promoted services provided by the group, and to achieve the objectives of the group, we have several contracts with different entities as institutions, state-owned companies, private companies in various areas such as school transportation, compound, corporate transportation and Hajj and Umrah transportation.


Al-Salem Workshops for Buses Maintenance

One of the main pillars for the core of the field of transportation and tourism, renovated and elevate it to ensure the excellency and business continuity, providing the highest service quality for travelers, we - in Al-Salem Group - have created a special workshop equipped with the latest scientific, mechanical and electric technologies with the best skilled professionals in order to provide the highest level of protection, security and prosperity for the comfort and safety of passengers and buses. The workshop is considered one of the best and distinctive workshops in the region. the traveler on buses of Al-Salem group will feel the extent and quality of service provided and definitely they will carry with themselves good memories of our services.